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Hello, my name is CainO’ –
short for David Michael Cain O’Dougherty.

I have 20+ yrs experience OTR Tractor Trailer, most of which is HazMat Tankers. I have a small I.T. business, OffGrid Organic Farm and PodCast on the side. I study alternative health, alternative energy and alternative thinking. Now that I am done paying child support, I am looking at going back to school to maybe pursue a career in psychology.

I am no longer a super trucker, I am more of a quality driver then I am a quantity driver. Instead of being a bad-ass super trucker and costing you more money then I make you; in the long run I will save you more and I am good for your CSA score, but I wont kill myself for a paycheck. With my experience, I look for the best bang for the buck and don’t want to here that I have to work harder for less. I will work hard for the right company and for the right pay. I do run safe and I do run legal, almost “by the book”.

I am not rich, but I do OK for myself; I don’t live above my mean and I don’t have kids and ex’s to support anymore. I don’t have to work as hard now as I use to, I live on 50% of my income and put the rest into retirement. So if you are looking for a slave, I am not that guy; but I can and will work.

If you are interested in me after reviewing the website; please feel free to email and/or call me. Thank you very much, CainO’

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 821 – Stockton, Mo. 65785
www.KCLAI.com CainO (at) kclai.net
(I have a Spam Ninja, make sure you reply to the auto-responder)
Cell (816)518-8804 – Text


Height: 5′ 10″

DOB: August 20, 1974

Weight: 170 lbs

Birth Name: David Michael Dougherty

Health: Great

Legal Name: David Michael Cain O’Dougherty

Fitness: Good

MS: Divorced w/ 4kids, not at home

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