Andrew’s Logistics, LPwww.AndrewsLogistics.com11-2018 to Pres…
3153 W Chain of Rocks Rd. Granite City, IL. 62040
– 2445 E. Southlake Blvd. Southlake, Tx. 76092 – Phone: (866) 536-1234 – HazMat Tanker Driver; Hauling Oil and other products to/for the oil field and more. – Reasons for leaving: N/A… I like it here, but I know nothing is forever. Time will tell

Eric’s Trucking, LLC.      www..com        8-2018 to 11-2018
15500 W. Fountian Rd, Tonkawa, OK 74653 – Phone: (970) 584-0792 – Company Driver; Hauling sand to oil wells. – Reasons for leaving: Got fired –  Because I would not run unsafe, illegal and because I wouldn’t back stab/cut throat my o/o swap partner to get more loads. (Had to share a trailer with o/o and I was a team player. Boss  didn’t like that, so I had to go.)

Rig Runners, Inc.      www.RigRunnersInc.com        12-2017 to 8-2018
519 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. E., Suite 600; Houston, TX 77060 – Phone: (307) 337-7790 – Driver/Safety Supervisor; moving BJ equipment from one oil well to another, or to and from their yard. – Reasons for leaving: Part time, moonlighting, safety net job. Not something I think I would do full time, but that might change in the future, reasons I will have to explain in person. I ended up going full time, and regretted it. Cannot work for people who don’t care about safety.

SandBox Logistics      www.SandBoxLogistics.com        8-2017 to 2-2018
3200 Southwest Fwy Ste 1310, Houston, TX 77027 – (281) 949-8400 – I started out with SandBox as a Third Party company driver in August 2017, working in West Texas. I left those guys and came to work for SandBox as a company driver in October 2017 out of their Oklahoma City location. Reasons for leaving: To be honest, I don’t see myself here long term, it’s not as good of company as I thought. The pay is OK, the work isn’t too bad; it’s the morale. They have a VERY HIGH turn over rate, most people quite or get fired within 6 months; I am going to try to make it one year myself. They enjoy firing and/or punishing people; you have to lay low, not complain about pay, faulty equipment or anything, or they will send you home without pay for having a bad attitude. Some of the firings are legit, but many are not. I almost got suspended and/or fired myself for Moonlighting on my days off and for complaining about the above. They don’t pay what they say they pay; but most of it is not in writing, so they can do whatever they want. Even the stuff in writing is double talk, and not what they say it is. I never quite Rig Runners, I will probably quit when I leave SandBox. I don’t feel safe and secure with SandBox, so Rig Runners is my Safety net for the time being. When I do leave, it will be for those reasons. The only other thing keeping me here, is that I like and get alone with my co-driver; which is rare. So once he leaves, I probably wont be far behind him.

Amerifield, Inc.      www.BrandonFoster.org        8-2017 to 10-2017
3723 N Main St, Cleburne, TX 76033 – 432-803-7047- Shana – Started out pulling for SandBox, then they pulled all their trucks from there and put us on pneumatic. I did pneumatic for a month, didn’t like it. After I caught the company skinning my paychecks, I bailed ship. Reasons for leaving: Brandon Foster is a scam artist. He rips people off and then changes the name of his company to evade paying his dept. His companies only last about one year, with the exception of his leasing company which holds all his assets. His multiple C corp set up is smart and legal, with the exception of the scam he runs. He still owes me approx $2500; most of which he took out of my check for child support, but never paid to child support.

Coal City Cob, Co.      www.CCCob.com        11-2014 to 2-2017
2480 E Stellon St, Coal City, IL 60416 – (800) 872.5412 –
48 states, Bulk Liquid HazMat Tanker 45cpm +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: Ever since the company got bought out in November, my pay check has been going down the drain. Time to move on. I had a new opportunity presented to me to finally get my TruckerDate.com truck, but that didn’t go through as planned. Now I am pretty much burned out and looking for a change in pace; been driving truck for nearly 20 years, it’s time to do something different.

My brother has been working on cell phone towers for a few years now, and I have been thinking about going that route for about a year now. So that may be my next venture. I just know I am burned out on trucking.

Coal City Cob, Co.      www.CCCob.com        911 to 3-14
(800) 872.5412 –
48 states, Bulk Liquid HazMat Tanker 45cpm +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: My Girlfriend wants to learn how to drive truck and wants to run team with me; can’t do that with Coal City Cob, I asked. My boss (Tony) tried, but corporate wouldn’t let him even though I am one of the most legal and safest drivers they have. So Tony said to get her 6mo experience and call him, we can run team there; he didn’t want me to go and tried talking me out of leaving.


TransWood                     www.TransWood.com                 610 to 11-10
(402) 346-8092 –
48 states OTR driver, Bulk Liquid HazMat Tanker 37cpm +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: Payroll issues, they still owe me money.

Wynne                       www.Wynne.com                 310 to 6-10
(800) 803-6633
48 states OTR Bulk Liquid HazMat Tanker  driver, 45cpm. +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: Home time issues; wouldn’t get me home for child support court, ended up getting a warrant for my arrest because of it.

Robertson-Williams             www.?.com                       7-09 to 12-09    (816) 923-0700 Local fuel hauler in Kansas City: 25%. Reasons for leaving: I think I have an allergic reaction to the fuel, its not so bad with minimal exposure, but I was getting migraine headaches all the time working there.

Erickson Transport / Quality Carriers      www.EricksonTransport.com        1-06 to 7-09
(800) 658-0499 –
48 states, Bulk Liquid Tanker 43cpm +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: Looking for a change in pace… Went to a Local job, but that didn’t work out.

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