New Place:        Spring-2017 to Pres
states. Reasons for leaving: N/A

Coal City Cob, Co.        11-2014 to 2-2017
2480 E Stellon St, Coal City, IL 60416 – (800) 872.5412 –
48 states, Bulk Liquid HazMat Tanker 45cpm +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: Ever since the company got bought out in November, my pay check has been going down the drain. Time to move on. I had a new opportunity presented to me to finally get my truck, but that didn’t go through as planned. Now I am pretty much burned out and looking for a change in pace; been driving truck for nearly 20 years, it’s time to do something different.

My brother has been working on cell phone towers for a few years now, and I have been thinking about going that route for about a year now. So that may be my next venture. I just know I am burned out on trucking.

Expediter Services/FedEx Custom Critical        9-20
14 to 11-2014
Expediter Services, LLC – 5959 Pepper Chase Drive, Southaven, MS 38671
(877) 349.9303 –
48 states, HazMat/Dry Short Truck 40% +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: The Girlfriend and I did not work out, went back to Coal City Cob, Co.

KLLM/FFE        3-17-14 to 8-2014
135 Riverview Drive, Jackson, MS 39218 – (800) 925.1000 – KLLM 3-2014 to 6-2014
3400 Stonewell Drive, Lancaster, TX 75134 – (214) 242-5246 – FFE 6-2014 to 8-2014
48 states
, HazMat/Refer 47cpm. Reasons for leaving: My Girlfriend wanted to learn how to drive truck and wants to run team with me; I couldn’t do that with Coal City Cob, I asked. My boss (Tony) tried, but corporate wouldn’t let him even though I was one of the most legal and safest drivers they had. So Tony said to get her 6mo experience and call him, we can run team there; he didn’t want me to go and tried talking me out of leaving. While my girlfriend was in truck driving school, I somehow got stuck on the KLLM side of KLLM/FFE, we were hired onto the FFE side but we thought it was all one company not sister companies. While at KLLM I had nothing but problems with pay, home time and dispatch. Now that we are both on the FFE side; we found out more lies that our recruiter told us. We were suppose to be making 49cpm, but I am only getting 43cpm and she 39cpm. I understand that this may sound reasonable, but what is unreasonable is that we were lied to and that we could have went with someone who didn’t lie to us and paid us more. I went from 49cpm, to 47cpm, to 39cpm and now 43cpm with FFE… This is NOT reasonable! We are going to stick it out here the best we can till her contract is up, then we will be looking for a REAL job. I plan to do short truck expedite next if all goes well with her and I teaming… Update: August 2014: Even though they ripped us off, they did just wave her tuition fees for her schooling, so I will call it even and wont pursue them legally for scamming us.

Coal City Cob, Co.        9-11 to 3-14
(800) 872.5412 –
48 states, Bulk Liquid HazMat Tanker 45cpm +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: My Girlfriend wants to learn how to drive truck and wants to run team with me; can’t do that with Coal City Cob, I asked. My boss (Tony) tried, but corporate wouldn’t let him even though I am one of the most legal and safest drivers they have. So Tony said to get her 6mo experience and call him, we can run team there; he didn’t want me to go and tried talking me out of leaving.

Transport America         11-10 to 9-11  
(800) 803-6633 48 states
, Heated – Van Trailers, 40cpm Reasons for leaving: Payroll and other issues… My dad and I went back to hauling tankers.

TransWood                            6-10 to 11-10
(402) 346-8092 –
48 states OTR driver, Bulk Liquid HazMat Tanker 37cpm +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: Payroll issues, they still owe me money.

Wynne                              3-10 to 6-10
(800) 803-6633
48 states OTR Bulk Liquid HazMat Tanker  driver, 45cpm. +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: Home time issues; wouldn’t get me home for child support court, ended up getting a warrant for my arrest because of it.

Transport America       1-10 to 3-10
(800) 803-6633 48 states Heated Van trailers, 40cpm. Reasons for leaving: I only went there because my dad was there and he didn’t have too many complaints, left because I was on a waiting list to go work for Wynne.

Beamon Brothers           www.?.com           12-2009 – 1-2010

(816) 878-2295  5978 Blue Hills Rd, Kansas City, Mo. 64110 – 48states, Re-power releaf driver for Owner Operators. Commission. Reasons for leaving: I found out that Beamon Brothers was ripping off the Owner Operators, many of them ended up loosing their trucks. Never go my last check because of it; they still owe me aprox $500

 Robertson-Williams             www.?.com                       7-09 to 12-09    (816) 923-0700 Local fuel hauler in Kansas City: 25%. Reasons for leaving: I think I have an allergic reaction to the fuel, its not so bad with minimal exposure, but I was getting migraine headaches all the time working there.

Erickson Transport / Quality Carriers        1-06 to 7-09
(800) 658-0499 –
48 states, Bulk Liquid Tanker 43cpm +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: Looking for a change in pace… Went to a Local job, but that didn’t work out.

Summit Express        3-05 to 1-06          

(800) 803-6633 – 48 states OTR driver, 53′ Dry Van, 35cpm. +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: Hurtienne moved his trucks to Quality Carriers.

The Worthington Co.   12-04 to 3-05

(317) 896-8780 & (765) 760-0210 – 48 states OTR driver, Cargo Master Crane, 30% +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: Hurtienne moved his trucks to Summit Express..

Hurtienne Enterprises, Inc.  12-04 to 3-06           

(In) Jail Somewhere – 48 states, Van Lines, Cargo Master Cranes, QC – Tanks, Hurtienne bounced around to 3 companies before I bailed. We stated out in furniture, then went to cranes which I liked then over to Bulk Liquid Tanker. 28% – 35cpm – 25% . Reasons for leaving: Tired of getting ripped off, went to work for Quality Carriers/Erickson Transport

Allied Van Services       6-04 to 12-04          

(800) 803-6633 – Local driver, Moving furniture, 11/ hr. +  bonuses. Reasons for leaving: Went over the road for Hurtienne an affiliate of Allied Van Lines.

Werner Enterprises            6-04         

(800) 228-2240 – 11 western, dry van 17cpm + 10 cpm per diem. Reasons for leaving: Do you even need to ask? I was unhappy as of the second week w/ Werner, but I’m trying to stick it out as long as possible…

Eagle Auto Transport             www.?.com                       11-03 to 1-04           

(888) 602-0206 Dick & Jay – 11 western, car hauler. pay: 25%. Reasons for leaving: Lack of money. To be gone and over the road, I expect to earn at least $3000 a month. I’ve averaged $1678/ mo. My child support is $820/ mo. I need to earn at least $3300/ mo. Not to mention, I don’t think car hauling is my cup of tea… The owners are good people, is the only reason I hate to quite, I must Give them at least two weeks notice. I decided to stay off the road, I sent in a request to have my child support modified, and I’m gg back to school. Last but not least, I need to be home enough to be tech support for my web site when and if business ever picks up. But it never will pick up if I’m not here to maintain it.

Atlantic Inland Carriers            3-02 to 9-11-03           

(800) 759-2101 Carri – O T R crane operator/truck driver. pay: 34cpm to 35 cpm + bonuses. 48 states + Canada… Reasons for leaving: AIC was a sister company of schilli that is now bankrupt, I tried to tell them what was going wrong so they would not loose their gravy account, but no one would listen to me so I got out before they lost everything. After I quit, they were saying that I refused to take a drug test before I quite, but I have proof  that I took it, I have copies of all my U. A’s. that I ever took in transportation since 1995. I keep copies of everything! I ended up having to threaten to sue, and we settled out of court. I didn’t want any money, only to have this false accusation removed from my record.

Sunset Pacific          12-01 to 4-02      

  13875 Norton Ave Chino, Ca. 91710     (800)280-1677 – O T R & Local driver/ Lumper. Pay: 28cpm +6 cpm per diem. Reasons for leaving: I was told by recruiting all kinds of promises, that the co. was not going to uphold. I would not  refer anyone ever to this co. The only good thing about Sunset is if you wanted to take lots of time off in the L.A. area, you could.

Tap Enterprise, Inc.             6-01 to 9-01         

650 N. Lincoln Spring Hill, KS. 66083     (800)445-0089 H.R.: Candis – O T R & Crew truck driver/ Sale/ Lumper. I also was a crew driver/crew carnie for a few weeks… Pay: 21cpm +%/31 cpm.     Reasons for leaving: I was let go after Sept. 11th., but I’ve never gotten a straight answer on why. They say it was because I failed to pick up a load, one that I had no knowledge of… (?)

D&M Services, Inc.                             3-01 to 9-01        

  13709 Woodend Rd. Bonner Springs, KS. 66012     [913] 441-1699 [913] 927-5201     Owners: Cindy & Jerry – Local Kansas City Dump Truck. Dirt, sand, gravel, rock & asphalt. Teamsters, Local 541, pay 30% w/ a $10 to $16 an hour guarantee. Reasons for leaving: Moved to California.

SIMS & SONS, TRUCK LINE                       8-00 to 3-01            

1000 S. 66th terr. KC, KS. 66106 [913] 287-0505 – UNION O T R. 48 states + Canada, dry box only/ no HAZMAT, home weekly. Pay= 32.7 cpm + free MD. Ins. etc… OWNERS SONS: Rick or Jerry Jr. Reasons for leaving: Co. filed bankruptcy

C R ENGLAND & SONS, INC.     [11-98 to 08-00]           

4701 W. 2100 S. S L C, UT. 84120     [800] 897-1801 DISPATCHER: Chris Speakman      [909] 888-3625 O/O I worked for: Jeremy Bourland – Repo; Lease/OP; Relief. O T R: 48 states + Canada & Mexico, refer units/ dry boxes, pay= 21 cpm/ 24 cpm. Repossession & Relief: to p/u abandoned or stolen trucks that belong to C R England, pay= 27 cpm + many other fringe benefits. Lease/OP: ran partner at 40% with an existing C R England lease operator for 6months. I did have 2 accidents w/ in my first 6 mo. of truck driving I high centered my landing gear, and I trl swung a car in the Bronx. Reasons for leaving: England says I hit and ran a preacher in June of 2000, but I never recall that ever happening. I don’t know what ever became of it, I was shut out of the loop. I was under the understanding that the Ins. Co. fought the case and won, but most likely the probably just settled.

JOHANSEN & SONS, TRUCKING          BJohansen (at)       

     2222 Ball Lane Kans. City, Kans. 66103-1665     [913] 262-9591  Ed or Betty Johansen – Family Owned Local Dump Truck Co. in the Kansas City Area. Asst. mechanic, I was not old enough for the Insurance co. to allow me to drive the trucks. Reasons for leaving: My Grandfather “Ed Johansen” retired before I was old enough to take over the business & no one else wanted the responsibilities…



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