CHESTERFIELD SERVICES          1009 N. Washington St. #A. Spokane, WA. 99201
(509)326-4655      (509)326-4672     (866)326-4655      (866)326-4672
In-home Caregiver [10-16-03 to Pres]    
[Work in Fairchild AFB area]



Rig Runners, Inc.      www.RigRunnersInc.com        12-2017 to Pres…
519 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. E., Suite 600; Houston, TX 77060 – Phone: (307) 337-7790 – Driver; moving BJ equipment from one oil well to another, or to and from their yard. - Reasons for leaving: Part time, moonlighting, safety net job. Not something I think I would do full time, but that might change in the future, reasons I will have to explain in person.



RENZENBERGER, INC. 1-96 to 11-98

Railroad Yard Taxi Driver; Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, K.C.S.,

Northfolk Southern, UP, SP, MOPP, NEFF & Gateway.

5720 Reeder P.O. BOX 16150 Shawnee, Kansas 66203

[913] 631-7584 [913] 631-0450

[800] 782-3870 [800] 782-3820 SUPERVISOR: Boyd


PIZZA HUT 3-01 to 9-01  Delivery Driver, Prep.

4601 SHAWNEE DR. KC, KS. 66106    [913] 262-0680


SandBox Logistics      www.SandBoxLogistics.com        8-2017 to Pres
3200 Southwest Fwy Ste 1310, Houston, TX 77027 – (281) 949-8400 – I started out with SandBox as a Third Party company driver in August 2017, working in West Texas. I left those guys and came to work for SandBox as a company driver in October 2017 out of their Oklahoma City location. Reasons for leaving: To be honest, I don’t see myself here long term, it’s not as good of company as I thought. The pay is OK, the work isn’t too bad; it’s the morale. They have a VERY HIGH turn over rate, most people quite or get fired within 6 months; I am going to try to make it one year myself. They enjoy firing and/or punishing people; you have to lay low, not complain about pay, faulty equipment or anything, or they will send you home without pay for having a bad attitude. Some of the firings are legit, but many are not. I almost got suspended and/or fired myself for Moonlighting on my days off and for complaining about the above. They don’t pay what they say they pay; but most of it is not in writing, so they can do whatever they want. Even the stuff in writing is double talk, and not what they say it is. I never quite Rig Runners, I will probably quit when I leave SandBox. I don’t feel safe and secure with SandBox, so Rig Runners is my Safety net for the time being. When I do leave, it will be for those reasons. The only other thing keeping me here, is that I like and get alone with my co-driver; which is rare. So once he leaves, I probably wont be far behind him.


SHONEY’S [1-97 to 7-97] Dishwasher & Prep-Cook
1000 N. Hwy. 62-65 Harrison
, AR. 72601 (870)741-0220 – Between the yrs. 1993 – 1995 I worked fast food at Worlds of Fun (amusement park) in Kansas City, Mo. and at McDonald’s in Kansas City, Kansas, as well as Godfathers Pizza & Pizza Hut, listed.


Classic Contracting, LLC    –    4-2017 to 5-2017     Roofing, siding & Gutters Inspector / sales.
501 SE Douglas St., Lee’s Summit, MO 64063     855.701.7663

 Gary’s Tree Service   –    5-2017 to 8-2017     Tree trimming, cutting and yard work.
., Independence, MO 64056     816.461.6520

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