Hello world!

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I have been an over the road driver since 1995, Tractor Trailer since fall of 1998; I have web development knowledge and experience running my own business on the side out of the truck since 2001. I grew up in the trucking industry; my mother was a truck driver and now works on the rail road, my father was in the military and is now a truck driver. My grandfather had his own trucking companies, two of my uncles and my mother use to work for him, my brother and I grew up being our grandpas grease monkeys; many of my great uncles and other relatives are farmers and/or truckers. I am the first of my generation to drive truck, but that is because I am the oldest; I have a couple cousins now driving truck also.

2014 – My girlfriend wanted to learn how to drive truck and run team with me. I looked for someplace that will either train her and/or allow me to train her and we can run team together. Coal City Cob didn’t want to loose me, but they also wouldn’t allow me to train her even though I was one of their top safe and legal drivers; so I left. We started with KLLM/FFE on St. Patrick’s Day, we started running together in June and we broke up the last part of 2014

She is a good driver and I hope she finds something that is right for her, and someone for that matter. I went be going back to Coal City Cob; Co. pulling tankers where I knew I was wanted, needed, would be treated right and be paid decent. I tried other fields over the years, and unfortunately I have a low tolerance; but the tanker industry seems to be the right field for me.

As for running team; didn’t like it before and I still don’t like it. But if one had the right Astrological Match, I am sure it would would work better.

Thank you so much, CainO’


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